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We offer industry-leading, innovative physical, analytical and construction tests that ensure your products and materials are compliant, durable and exceed customer expectations.

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“The evaluations performed by ACE have been critical in bringing new products to market. The formal reports provided us with valuable information to show potential customers.”

– Chris Wagner

Marketing & Law Director @ ChemSpec

Types of Testing

Our comprehensive testing services push products and components to their limits, ensuring they’re ready to meet all compliance requirements and the demands of everyday use. We test to established standards and can even develop customized testing methods for customer-specific applications.


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Confident & Compliant

Regardless of industry, compliance standards are important. Your products must meet the relevant standards in order to be sold and used by customers. Our industry-leading testing methods and experienced team ensure your products are compliant, giving you and your customers confidence in their quality. We’re a ISO/IEC 17025 accredited lab in the testing, consulting and product development fields.

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The evaluations performed by ACE have been critical in bringing new products to market. The formal reports provided us with valuable information to show potential customers.

Chris Wagner Marketing & Law Director @ ChemSpec

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Industry-Leading Turnaround Times

We deliver thorough, reliable results quicker than anyone else. That allows you to keep your product development and production process moving by avoiding costly delays.

Repeatable Process

Our experienced staff performs tests using industry-standard processes to guarantee consistent test results, ensuring data you can count on. That means customers can have confidence in knowing your products are of the highest quality.


Consistent Compliance

By testing to established industry standards, we ensure that your products meet all industry requirements. Your customers are counting on products that comply with all relevant standards; you can count on us to make sure they do.

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Physical Tests


Tension testing evaluates the tensile properties of thermoplastic elastomers and vulcanized thermoset rubbers.

Cold Testing

Cold testing is utilized to examine a material’s properties and performance at low temperatures.

Heat Aging

This test method is used to determine the vulcanization characteristics of (vulcanizable) rubber compounds.

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Analytical Tests


The Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) is commonly used to determine the polymer type present in a compound.

Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA)

This test method provides a thermogravimetric technique to determine the amounts of organics (oil, polymer), carbon black, and ash (filler) in a rubber compound.


Gas Chromatography—Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) is an incredibly powerful method for quantifying and identifying highly volatile compounds.

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Construction Tests


We are certified to several CRRC standards.

ASTM D6690

ASTM D6690 is designed to evaluate hot-application joint and crack sealants for concrete and asphalt pavements.

ASTM D6297

ASTM D6297 evaluates the performance of field-molded asphalt plug joints (APJs) used for expansion joint sealing.

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Process Tests

Extrusion Flow Analysis

This test method covers the determination of the extrudability of un-vulcanized SBR and NBR rubber compounds.


MDR is the most common method for determining the vulcanization characteristics of compounded rubber materials.

Mold Flow Analysis

Determines the flow rate of a given compound by observing its behavior in a specialized spider mold.

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