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ACE has proudly partnered with two industry-leading rubber testing equipment manufacturers so we can offer you state-of-the-art options for your own laboratory.

Industry and safety standard testing must be conducted by an independent, third-party laboratory. But investing in in-house rubber testing equipment can speed up your research and development cycles and quality control assessments. If you’re looking to streamline operations and achieve greater efficiency, consider adding state-of-the-art rubber testing equipment to your facility.

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Wallace Instruments

ACE is proud to be Wallace’s North American representative for sales, calibration, and service.

Wallace Instruments has been manufacturing high-quality rubber testing instruments for over 75 years. Wallace offers a diverse catalog of rubber testing instruments for measuring hardness, plasticity, viscosity, cure, compression, and other physical properties.

Compression Testing For Rubber Materials

Compression testing is critical for evaluating rubber materials in many key markets, including the automotive, aerospace, and construction industries. Wallace Instruments offers three different rubber testing instruments for compression set and compression stress relaxation testing.

Density Testing For Rubber Materials

Wallace’s precision densimeter delivers accurate measurements of specific gravity—up to three decimal points. This precise data allows for more confident product development decisions and accurate assessment of safety and quality standards.

Flex Testing For Rubber Materials

Flex testing is designed to predict and measure the occurrence and growth of cracks and cuts in a rubber material that’s been subject to repeat flexing. Wallace’s line of De Mattia flex testers are outfitted with precise internal ovens, so you can conduct flex testing in a temperature controlled environment from 60°C to 150°C. Wallace flex testers can also be operated at ambient temperatures. Wallace offers six different flexing machines, with testing capacities from twelve to thirty-six rubber samples, so you can choose the model that meets your needs.

Hardness Testing For Rubber Materials

When it comes to characterizing rubber, accurate assessment of hardness properties is critical. Gage R&R studies show that Wallace hardness testing instruments deliver an industry-leading 999% repeatability, ensuring more accurate testing data. Wallace Instruments offers a range of hardness testers, made with a unique C-frame design, as well as testing blocks and other accessories.

Rubber Testing Laboratory & Aging Ovens

Laboratory ovens are critical for accelerating aging and lifespan prediction of rubber materials. Subjecting a rubber material to heat in a controlled environment can deliver faster, more accurate data on a product’s performance and deterioration throughout its service life. Wallace offers two different ovens, including a multi-chamber oven so you can test multiple samples without risk of cross contamination.

Plasticity Testing For Unvulcanized Rubber

Plasticity is determined by assessing the behavior of a rubber specimen under compression under a standardized load for a certain period of time. Rapid plasticity testing is crucial for qualifying natural, unvulcanized rubber materials. Wallace offers two different plastimeters based on your needs.

Rubber Sample Preparation Equipment For Rubber Laboratories

Precise, repeatable sample preparation yields precise, repeatable testing data. Wallace offers a suite of sample preparation machines for cutting, nicking, and thickness gauging, so you can prepare test specimens in-house and streamline testing operations.

If you’re looking to increase your in-house testing capabilities, get in touch with one of our experts—or schedule a visit to demo Wallace Instruments at ACE Products & Consulting. We’ll help you determine which instruments are the best fit for your unique needs.


ACE is the MidWest demonstration site for LabsCubed.

LabsCubed has created an automated tensile testing robot unlike anything the rubber industry has ever seen: The CubeOne. The CubeOne executes more tensile tests with less prep time than traditional tensile testers, empowering laboratory testing teams to gather testing data more efficiently.

The CubeOne can execute 36 tests after just five minutes of hands-on prep from a technician. Many traditional tensile testers require a technician to load one sample at a time. The CubeOne uses a unique tray to accept six to twelve samples at once. The loading and testing process is fully automated, so the technician can load samples, press a button, and go work on something else while the CubeOne operates. The CubeOne is extremely user-friendly, so both novice and experienced technicians can use it with confidence.

The LabsCubed CubeOne is designed to execute common industry standard rubber tests, such as:

  • ASTM D412—Tension Testing Rubber & Elastomers
  • ASTM D624—Standard Test Method for Tear Strength of Conventional Vulcanized Rubber and Thermoplastic Elastomers
  • ISO 37—Rubber, Vulcanized Or Thermoplastic – Determination Of Tensile Stress-Strain Properties

All testing data is delivered directly to a computer via LabsCubed’s innovative software program. 

The CubeOne’s sleek design allows for easy integration into a testing lab. The CubeOne is just over four feet long, 20.5 inches tall, and 16.5 inches deep, and weighs just 150 pounds, so it’s easily accommodated on a lab bench or countertop. You can plug the CubeOne into a standard 110V outlet, so there’s no need to call the electrician or rearrange around a larger outlet.

If you’re looking to scale your testing operations or improve the repeatability of your test data, consider investing in a LabsCubed CubeOne tensile testing robot. Schedule a visit to ACE Laboratories for a live demo.