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In ANAB recognized and ISO 17025 accredited laboratories, ACE helps automotive customers comply with OEM submissions and regulatory requirements with research and development, and independent measurement of material properties. ACE offers the automotive industry analytical and physical testing services on rubber, plastic, elastomer and silicone components.

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Our testing and development assure quality performance results in these products:

ACE helps automotive clients with many solutions, including challenges associated with silica dispersion and processing, which provides great advantages in fuel economy. The push for fuel economy, green raw materials and alternative polymer sources make ACE’s independent laboratory the perfect solution for automotive components that comply with tomorrow’s needs.

Radiator hose

Spark plug housing

Dampening gaskets

Silicone for weather stripping around doors

Windshield frames

Exhaust accessories


Physical Testing

Does your product comply with regulations and match consumer expectations? ACE physical testing capabilities will assure that your final product meet the demands of government regulations, industry standards and customer-specific protocols.


Analytical Testing

ACE many test capabilities include wet chemistry solutions. Looking to outshine competitors but there is no established ASTM standard? ACE offers custom testing – we set up the test, create a method that meets standards.


Expert Consulting

A team of agile, highly trained professionals puts ACE in the vanguard of today’s most solution-oriented independent testing labs. Our broad scope for research makes ACE a great partner for preserving product integrity in a competitive industry.

Who We Work With

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ACE provides webinars in partnership with leading industry associations and societies.

American Chemical Society (ACS) - Rubber Division

ACS is an international association of chemists, engineers, technicials, scientists, and other polymer-industry professionals. ACS has enhanced science, technology, and business across the evolving elastomeric community for over 100 years.

International Sealing Distributors (ISD)

ISD is a professional network for world-class technology distributors and manufacturers, dedicated to improving member performance by sharing best practices, ideas, technology, and knowledge in an interactive social environment.

Association of Rubber Product Manufacturers (ARPM)

The ARPM provides programs and services that strengthen the effectiveness of rubber industry leaders, including networking activities, benchmarking activities, training and educational events, and maintaining international hose, sealing and belt standards.

Confident & Compliant

Regardless of industry, compliance standards are important. Your products must meet the relevant standards in order to be sold and used by customers. Our industry-leading testing methods and experienced team ensure your products are compliant, giving you and your customers confidence in their quality. We’re a ISO/IEC 17025 accredited lab in the testing, consulting and product development fields.