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ACE Laboratories is a top-quality provider of rubber testing services, from accurate data to rubber testing products and equipment. We partner with premium rubber testing equipment manufacturers to connect you with the best resources on the market. Whether you’re looking to outsource rubber testing or invest in your own in-house testing capabilities, you can count on ACE to support you.

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Material Testing Equipment for Sale 

ACE Laboratories is committed to only partnering with rubber testing equipment manufacturers that share our commitment to quality and service. We’re proud to represent Wallace Instruments and LabsCubed and the unbeatable testing equipment and accessories they offer.

Wallace Instruments

ACE Laboratories is proud to represent Wallace Instruments in North America. We offer on-site demos of Wallace products, as well as calibration and other support services. Our team can help you determine which Wallace Instruments product is the best fit for your needs.

Wallace Instruments first began manufacturing physical property testing machines for rubber materials in products in the early 1950s. Today, Wallace supports rubber testing laboratories on a global scale, from the regions where rubber grows to manufacturing and production centers all over the world. All Wallace products are designed and manufactured in the same region of Surrey, England, which means the engineering and production teams work together to ensure exceptional quality control on every single product.

Superior repeatability of results is what sets Wallace Instruments apart from the competition. Wallace rubber testing instruments are designed to ensure precision, accuracy, and repeatable results—every time.

Wallace offers a robust catalog of rubber testing equipment for a variety of physical property assessments, including:

Wallace Instruments is committed to providing everything you might need to streamline your in-house testing operations. This includes top-quality sample preparation equipment, hardness test blocks, tensile tester grips, and more.

LabsCubed: The CubeOne

ACE Laboratories is the only place in the Midwest to see a live demonstration of the CubeOne, a truly incomparable tensile testing machine created by LabsCubed.

LabsCubed began developing the CubeOne in 2016, after asking over 100 rubber industry professionals how the sample testing process could be better. Their goal was to create a tensile testing machine that harnessed the powers of automation to speed up the testing process and minimize the risks of human error. In 2019, LabsCubed entered the Startup Stadium competition at PLAST-EX and the Advanced Design & Manufacturing Expo in Toronto—and won

Today, the CubeOne remains truly unique. This first-of-its-kind tensile testing machine can autonomously execute 36 tests with just five minutes of set-up from a human technician. And with a compact footprint, sleek design, and standard 110V plug, the CubeOne will integrate seamlessly and easily into your lab’s layout.

The CubeOne is excellent for regulatory compliance testing and is designed to carry out a variety of ASTM, ISO, and other industry standard tests. You can also use the CubeOne for custom protocols and benchmarking projects.

Uses for our Rubber Testing Equipment 

There’s virtually no limit to the value and usefulness of rubber testing data. High-quality rubber testing machines can help you develop better products, improve your in-house quality control processes, study your competition, and more.

Research & Development (R&D)

During the R&D stage of product development, there’s a lot of experimentation with different materials, new designs, and fresh ideas. With the right rubber testing equipment, you can collect objective data on the value and performance of every iteration and make confident decisions about your next steps. In-house testing capabilities allow you to maintain momentum toward product launch, without having to wait for someone else to run the data.

Quality Control

Quality control testing is vital to ensure precision, accuracy, and repeatability of results over time. In-house rubber testing instrumentation can streamline your internal quality control processes dramatically and increase efficiency for your entire operation.

Benchmarking & Competitor Research

Testing data can be an incredibly powerful tool for assessing the performance of your own products compared to competitor products. Running identical tests on comparable products is an excellent way to objectively measure the difference between performance characteristics and other properties. By investing in rubber testing equipment, you can conduct competitive benchmarking studies in-house and equip your product development experts with valuable data on how to make your products even better.

Better Rubber Testing Starts With ACE

At ACE Laboratories, we understand that accurate testing data starts with high-quality rubber testing equipment and products. Our experts can help you choose the right equipment to meet your needs and, when relevant, advise you on which size is appropriate for your business. We can even arrange for you to visit us at our facility in Ravenna, Ohio, for a demo of available products and an in-person consultation on what you need.

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