Testing for Your 6PPD Alternative Solution

ASTM D1149-18, ASTM G154, ASTM D4329, ASTM D4587, ISO 4892, ASTM G155-21

ACE Laboratories offers the testing solutions you need to produce a competitive alternative compound that addresses the 6PPD-quinone controversy.


ACE has extensive experience in tire, automotive, and rubber industry testing to help you ensure that your products meet high-performance demands and compliance requirements. Our technical sales team can help you design a study or a testing protocol to evaluate your materials accurately and efficiently – with expedited turnaround times available!


ACE understands compliance required by California Department of Toxic Substances Control and the Washington State Department of Ecology. ACE also was invited to the Collaborative Innovation Forum: Functional Substitutes to 6PPD in Tires.* Put this experience to work for you with ACE Laboratories testing.

*Hosted by the Sustainable Chemistry Catalyst, part of the art of the Lowell Center for Sustainable Production at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. The Lowell Center is a leading academic center for action-oriented research, policy development, and collaborative initiatives focused on eliminating hazards in products, workplaces, and communities by promoting the development, evaluation and adoption of safer and sustainable chemistries, materials and products.

6PPD Resources

ACE scientists and researchers constantly study the newest findings. See resource list.

How ACE Will Test & Assess Your Alternative to 6PPD

Initial Screen Process Takes Just 5 Weeks or Less

After preliminary discussions of your project, goals and objectives, ACE will:

Mix your tire compounds (tread and sidewall)

Place these compounds in ozone chambers

Put them under performance conditions

Test dynamic properties

Do the toxicology assessment

Complete the initial screening process in 5 weeks

Do all the steps needed before prototyping

Contact ACE to discuss how to begin this process so that you can get a jump on …

The 6PPD-Quinone Controversy

6-PPD is a chemical used to protect car tires from ozone. However, when rainwater washes it into freshwater, 6PPD degrades into 6-PPD quinone, a contaminant studies link to mass deaths of salmon in the Pacific Northwest of the United States..

Industry research and development teams race to create an alternative that is environmentally safe, partnering with ACE to leverage our tire and rubber industry expertise. ACE also shares the latest, most reputable 6PPD research and in one convenient archive below.

Getting on the California Alternative Assessment List

That’s the goal – to produce an alternative compound that meets all the criteria to be selected for the California Alternative Assessment list. Our strong partnership with the California Department of Toxic Substances Control and the Washington State Department of Ecology is integral to developing products that meet a wide range of requirements.

Best Resources on 6PPD-Quinone Issue

Researched and presented by the ACE Laboratories Team

What We Know About Alternatives
A Tire Industry Perspective on 6PPD Replacement - The Challenge
6PPD Innovation Forum - Context and Background
Laboratory Scale Performance Screening
Collaborative Innovation Forum Functional Substitutes to 6PPD in Tires
Saving Washington's salmon from toxic tire dust

Make ACE Your Tire & Rubber Partner in Creating a 6PPD alternative.

ACE is an ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Independent Laboratory

ANAB is an internationally recognized accrediting organization that assures technical expertise and global acceptance of ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories’ test reports for the purposes of free trade and regulatory acceptance.