ACE Laboratories

ACE Laboratories is an industry leader in analytical and physical testing for rubber and related compounds. In addition, ACE is proud to offer various processing applications such as extrusion flow analysis, mixing, curing, mold flow analysis and mold fouling studies.

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ACE provides comprehensive processability simulation and testing that are both repeatable and reliable.

As an ANAB ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratory, ACE performs regular equipment calibrations and procedure validations to produce reliable results. 

ACE is committed to growing with customers as a way to continue adding value to their organizations. As materials are evolving and processing challenges become more complex, consult ACE to troubleshoot, design, and determine your next steps.   

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Processing Services

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ACE processing services provide:

The Shortest Lead Times

Experience industry-leading turnaround times!

Guaranteed Order Traceability

Our cutting-edge LIMS system provides accurate and complete order traceability.


Our experienced staff performs tests using industry standard processes to guarantee consistent test results.

Customized Consulting

ACE consulting services can assist you in troubleshooting specific processing issues to help decrease downtime and resolve customer complaints.

ANAB Accredited

As an ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Laboratory, ACE has been audited to the highest technical competence, traceability, and customer confidentiality standards.

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