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ACE consulting services provides technical and process consulting services to the rubber and silicone industries. You’ll gain a competitive advantage by learning high level, cutting edge knowledge about rubber engineering and rubber design. ACE is dedicated to timely, reliable services to help you meet any challenge. You know your industry – ACE can give you the tools you need to revolutionize it.

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ACE Consulting Services

ACE offers unique solutions that lead you forward to confidently understand the state of product development, industry cycles and trends. From the lab to the regulatory realm to the global economic climate, we keep our fingers on the pulse of the rubber and silicone industry. When you partner with us, we pass that knowledge on to you, giving you guidance and support backed by decades of industry experience.

ACE offers both physical and analytical testing. Our physical tests include dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA), tension testing, and rubber process analyzation (RPA). Analytical tests include the simplest requests from moisture analysis to more elaborate detection of a multitude of substances and elements by GC-MS and ICP.  ACE can even develop analytical methodologies for its customers.

At ACE, we blend product testing and analysis with our consulting services to provide an overarching, broad view of your company, your rubber products, and the best path for reaching your goals.

Meet Our Partners

ACE provides webinars in partnership with leading industry associations and societies.

American Chemical Society (ACS) - Rubber Division

ACS is an international association of chemists, engineers, technicials, scientists, and other polymer-industry professionals. ACS has enhanced science, technology, and business across the evolving elastomeric community for over 100 years.

International Sealing Distributors (ISD)

ISD is a professional network for world-class technology distributors and manufacturers, dedicated to improving member performance by sharing best practices, ideas, technology, and knowledge in an interactive social environment.

Association of Rubber Product Manufacturers (ARPM)

The ARPM provides programs and services that strengthen the effectiveness of rubber industry leaders, including networking activities, benchmarking activities, training and educational events, and maintaining international hose, sealing and belt standards.

Rubber Consulting Services

Rubber Design

What is rubber design? Using process analysis and simulations, ACE optimizes designs quickly. You get a shorter product development cycle, meaning innovative new products take less time to produce and land in your customers’ hands.

Rubber Testing

At ACE, we use our knowledge of the rubber industry to create a course of testing unique to your products’ needs and your overall rubber testing goals. Your rubber material will undergo a series of tests that reveal valuable data about its properties and behaviors under certain conditions. Rubber and polymer testing is used for research and development, quality control, and product development.

Rubber Engineering

While natural rubber is created from the sap of rubber trees, today, rubber includes its synthetic forms, too. In engineering, rubber helps absorb shocks (i.e., bumpers), store energy (i.e., bungee cords), seal fluids (i.e., O-rings), and more. ACE’s polymer engineering expertise can help you create functional, innovative products from natural or synthetic rubber.

Rubber Manufacturing

ACE is here to guide you through every step of the rubber manufacturing processes. Polymer manufacturing begins in different places depending on the source–whether its a rubber tree for natural rubber, or in a lab for synthetic rubber. ACE has expert knowledge on the compounding, mixing, and shaping of that rubber for products you’ll be proud of.

rubber on plate during adhesion test

Silicone Consulting Services

Hand in glove and lab sleeve holding silicone piece


ACE can help you design your silicone products for manufacturability and high performance. When prototypes and products are designed with silicone manufacturing in mind, you can streamline your operations for success. ACE is ready to help with your silicone design needs, from simple silicone parts to the most complex designs.

Silicone Testing

Silicone testing involves putting your silicone material through a series of tests to understand its behavior and properties. ACE can design tests based on the end-use conditions your material will experience. Whether you’re looking to research a new product or ensure quality control, silicone testing with ACE leads to quality silicone products.

Silicone Engineering

Silicone rubber is a non-reactive, stable, and weather-resistant elastomer. Its sturdiness against extreme environments and temperatures make it a frequent choice for automobiles, aircrafts, electronics, hVAC systems, and more. When developing silicone products for any industry, you want sound engineering behind every decision. That’s where ACE comes in–consult with us for engineering insight you can trust.

Silicone Manufacturing

As experts in the rubber and silicone industries, ACE’s consultants know how to streamline manufacturing processes to help raise the bottom line and cut back on waste. Bring us your challenges, and we will work with you to develop solutions that take your manufacturing process to the next level of productivity and innovation.

Rubber Nerds To the Rescue!

ACE’s technical consultants are here to help. Whether you need a revamped manufacturing process, consultation on a new, innovative product, or polymer testing, ACE is here to meet your challenges head-on.

We will bring you into our own facilities or come to your site for hands-on consultations. We believe in empowering you to successfully navigate challenges in the future.

Work with ACE for…

  • Compound development
  • New process launches
  • Process improvements
  • International sourcing and approval
  • Silicone and rubber compounding
  • Technology
  • Silicone and rubber extrusion technology
  • Silicone and rubber molding technology

What’s Your Challenge?

ACE is an ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Independent Laboratory

When you work with ACE, you not only receive guidance in theory from industry experts. Our ideas are put into practice through tested, repeatable, and reliable results from our state-of-the-art rubber testing laboratory. Between theory and practice, ACE offers a broad perspective on the challenges you face. 

ANAB is an internationally recognized accreditation body that assures global acceptance of ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories’ test reports and calibration certificates. National accreditation guarantees high-quality services.