Transparency in Performance: Wiper Blade Testing

Wiper blade testing at ACE Labs goes beyond subjective grading. We capture every wipe on video, so you can see for yourself how your blades perform from Initial Wipe testing through millions of cycles.

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Why Trust ACE Labs for Your Wiper Blade Testing?

Initial wipe testing and durability testing give retailers and consumers confidence in the wiper blades they choose. Ace Laboratories is the only accredited lab in Ohio that captures the entire wiper blade testing process on video — and can then share the footage with clients who request it to verify the grade we assign. 

Our depth of experience and breadth of rubber testing capabilities can help meet your goal, whether it’s gaining shelf space in a national retailer, evaluating a newly developed windshield treatment, improving the design of your wiper blades or trying out new blade coatings.

Wiper Blade Testing Options at ACE

We base all our wiper blade testing on SAE J903 standards. Choose the tests that fit your objectives – or let us know what your custom wiper blade testing needs are! 

The wiper blade testing options we offer include:

Initial Wipe Testing
Grading from 1 to 10 (with video verification as requested)
Durability Testing
Up to 1.5 Million Cycles
Physical Properties
Tensile, Elongation, Modulus, and Durometer Testing of Wiper Blade Rubber (Not Whole Wiper Construction)
Ozone Resistance
Testing the Rubber Component or Whole Blade for Resistance to Deterioration Caused by Ozone
Heat Aging, Compression Set
QUV / Xenon Arc
Coefficient of Friction Testing
Compare Surface Treatments and Predict Wear, Chatter and Squeal
Dynamic Testing
DMA and/or Fatigue
Custom Testing
From Windshield Treatments to Power Consumption and Beyond

The ACE Advantage on Wiper Blade Testing

ACE Laboratories is an ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Laboratory that has been audited to the highest standards for technical competence, traceability and customer confidentiality. When you entrust your wiper blade testing to us, you can expect:

Fast Turnaround Times

Keep your production schedules moving forward with our industry leading turnaround times. We provide clear, actionable data without the long wait.

Full Testing Transparency

You can watch the entire wiper blade testing process first hand because we capture all of it on video. We’ll include screenshots of the points at which we assign grades in the initial wipe test – or send you the full testing video if you prefer – so you can verify.

Quantitative and Custom Testing

Our full range of wiper blade testing capabilities allows you to choose only the tests you need or give us your parameters for customized testing. From quantifying energy consumption to more dynamic performance testing, we can meet all your wiper blade testing needs.

Compliance and Certification

Not only is ACE Laboratories accredited by ANAB to ISO 17025, but we have a deep understanding of the standards governing the automotive industry.