Root Cause Analysis

ACE’s practical industry experiences combined with our extensive analytical capabilities allow us to analyze the most complex failures.

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We understand that product failures are costly and critical. Our responsiveness and detailed analysis have been perfected for these situations. Our broad coverage of expertise allows us to analyze any potential failure mode ranging from raw materials, mixing, fabrication, installation or application environment.

What is Root Cause Analysis?

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) investigates a problem for the root cause in order to take root cause corrective action (RCCA) and find appropriate solutions. An RCCA analysis laboratory uses mechanical and analytical testing techniques to gain a deep understanding of your product, then analyzes the results to find the root of your product’s challenges.

It is important to understand the difference between the symptom vs root cause. For example, if you have a sore throat, a doctor may give you pain medication. This helps the symptom, but it doesn’t tell you why your throat hurts. In this metaphor, root cause analysis would be the doctor running tests to discover why your throat is sore so you can feel better and prevent future illnesses.

The primary goal of RCA is to discover the root cause of a problem occurring with one of your products. Then, the RCCA laboratory will work to understand how to fix underlying issues within the root cause. Finally, you can take what the laboratory discovers from root cause analysis to prevent future problems.

The Importance of Root Cause Analysis

RCA is a critical tool for preventing product failure and the costs that come with it. Simply addressing the surface-level symptoms of a problem can help, but it means extra labor and constant problem solving. RCA, on the other hand, gets to the very heart of the issue so that this constant damage control is no longer necessary.

RCA also helps product manufacturers and companies learn more about their products. The discoveries made during RCA can benefit future product development, which is great for the company in the long run. In this sense, the positive effects of RCA last even longer than just after the problem at hand is solved.

Have a product that exceeds expectations? Root cause analysis can also be used to identify why a product is as successful as it is. By getting to the root of its success, you can learn information to apply to other products to make them more successful as well.

Rubber Product Testing

Many different rubber products can benefit from root cause analysis. If your rubber or polymer product is failing to meet performance requirements, it is time for RCA.

Tire failure analysis is one of the most common applications of RCA. Tire failure analysis procedures will vary depending on the ways in which the tire is underperforming. In general, however, the root cause analysis laboratory will test the tensile, dynamic, impact, thermal, and stiffness properties of the tire rubber.

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