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ACE Laboratories offers comprehensive, industry-leading testing, consulting and product development services for rubber, silicone and polymer products for companies around the globe.

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Types of Testing

Our comprehensive testing services push products to their limits, ensuring they’re ready for the demands of everyday use. We test to established standards and requirements and can also develop custom methods that meet customer-defined applications.





6PPD Analysis

The ACE Advantage

We offer what other laboratories can’t – a wider range of testing services, faster turnaround times and reliable data in digital form. Our team of experts has a wealth of experience in helping a diverse range of industries develop and refine their products to ensure they adhere to safety and compliance standards and deliver outstanding performance for consumers across a variety of industries.

Confident & Compliant

Regardless of industry, compliance standards are important. Your products must meet the relevant standards in order to be sold and used by customers. Our industry-leading testing methods and experienced team ensure your products are compliant, giving you and your customers confidence in their quality. We’re a ISO/IEC 17025 accredited lab in the testing, consulting and product development fields.

Who We Work With

Supporting Innovative Leaders Across the Globe

My ACE Story

The evaluations performed by ACE have been critical in bringing new products to market. The formal reports provided us with valuable information to show potential customers.

Chris Wagner Marketing & Law Director @ ChemSpec

My ACE Story

ACE Provided more value to our company on this project than there is room to list. I would recommend hiring any company whose culture is being created and driven by Mr. Sharp.

Mike Baach Philpott Rubber & Plastics @ President & CEO

My ACE Story

The staff has routinely gone far beyond expectations to provide expedited turnaround and troubleshooting that has minimized downtime and improved customer relations.

Dean Moore Engineering Manager @ Radix Wire and Cable

My ACE Story

I cannot recommend ACE Laboratories enough. Great people doing excellent work.

Brad Thomson Global Sales & Marketing @ Cancarb Limited

Rubber Nerds To the Rescue!

What’s a Rubber Nerd? It’s someone who gets up every day excited about exploring the ever-growing science, technology and solutions offered by the world of rubber, silicone, polymers and other compounds.

How does that benefit you? We’re passionate about helping customers across all industries improve existing products and develop new ones that are safe, durable and tested. Send us your biggest challenge and we’ll work to turn it into your next great success story.

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