Standard Specification for Joint and Crack Sealants, Hot Applied, for Concrete and Asphalt Pavements

ASTM D6690


ASTM D6690 is designed to evaluate hot-application joint and crack sealants for concrete and asphalt pavements.

Test Details

ASTM D6690 is specific to joint and crack sealants that are hot-applied to asphalt and concrete pavements. The spec describes test methods for sealants designed for most climates as well as intense environments, such as extreme cold. The method determines the maximum service temperature of the sealant material, as well as penetration values, bond properties, and asphalt compatibility, by testing performance of the sealant under a variety of conditions. Some tests are conducted with the sample submerged in water.

The scope of ASTM D6690 does not necessarily cover performance requirements for sealants that may be exposed to fuel, such as those used in vehicle maintenance facilities or fueling stations.

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