What Career Training is Available in the Rubber Testing Industry?

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If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the rubber industry, you may be wondering where to start. Or, maybe you are already working in the industry and are looking to further your skills to stay ahead of the curve.

Wherever you are in your rubber industry career, pursuing rubber training courses and other career advancement opportunities are a great way to set yourself up for success.

Rubber Industry: Career Training

The rubber industry is made up of many kinds of professionals. From chemists to engineers to equipment operators, there is truly a rubber industry career for everyone. This also means there are a vast number of rubber industry career training opportunities available.

The type of career training you’ll need is dependent on the rubber company job you have, or the job you’d like to pursue.

Common rubber industry careers include:

  • Chemist/scientist
  • Engineer
  • Equipment operator
  • Laboratory technician
  • Rubber industry consultant
  • Quality control
  • Rubber product sales
  • Rubber product marketing

Career paths like sales and marketing may not require industry-specific, hands-on technical training, whereas laboratory or manufacturing positions will almost always require rubber training courses. 

Within the rubber industry, you can also narrow down a niche and create a career based on your passions. If you are interested in earth science, for example, you may enjoy a career focused on environmental testing. If you’re fascinated by flight, a polymer career in the aerospace industry might be the right fit for you. 

Why pursue a career in the rubber industry?

Are you creative, analytical, dedicated, and passionate about solving problems? A career in the rubber industry might be right for you. Every day, you can direct your efforts toward solving problems with innovative ideas, improving products to enhance lives, and streamlining processes for success. 

If you are someone who loves to learn, a career in the rubber industry will offer you a fulfilling path. With technology advancing rapidly all the time, ongoing training means you always have the opportunity to learn something new and become better than you were before. 

If you want to pursue a career in the rubber industry, the next step is setting yourself up with the right career training. Then, you can find an industry position and start putting those skills to work.

Educational Seminars

If you are currently researching career opportunities in the rubber industry, or interested in taking the next step toward education, educational seminars are the perfect way to gain exposure to different perspectives on the field. 

Attend an educational seminar to hear an experienced professional discuss the rubber industry, their career path, and their day-to-day responsibilities. Depending on the stage of your career, you may want to look for educational seminars focused on finding a niche, advancing in your career, or rubber industry management practices. 

For a more personal experience, you may also consider reaching out to alumni from your program or a local rubber professional to see if they will meet you for an informational interview about their career. 

During an informational interview, you can ask questions about this person’s pathway to their current position, what they valued most during their education, or any other questions that might be helpful as you make your own way toward a career in the rubber industry. 

Looking for educational seminars? Check out your school or university’s event calendar, search for events at your local library, and check this page from the Rubber Division of the American Chemical Society (ACS) frequently for event updates.

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Rubber Industry Career Training

There are many training centers for the rubber industry that will help you kickstart your career. For example, the Rubber Division, ACS’s Elastomer Training Center houses many of its courses for students and industry professionals. They also offer online and on-site courses, with new topics and instructors added periodically. 

For a college education that will set you on a path toward a career in the rubber industry, you might consider majoring in polymer science or engineering, chemical engineering, or chemistry. Some colleges also offer rubber-specific majors or minors.

Advance Your Understanding at the iLearn Innovation Institute

ACE Product and Consulting’s iLearn Institute is an education center for technical employees, students, and companies. The institute features a spacious, modern footprint including a state-of-the-art classroom area and a hands-on laboratory space.

Classroom theory and hands-on training are combined at the iLearn Institute for unique rubber training courses. A hands-on application of the concepts you learn helps you apply your new skills with confidence. 

Classes are available for those currently employed in tech industries, college and career technical students, and students in 6th-12th grade. No matter where you are in your career, ACE’s iLearn Innovation Institute will help you discover new ideas and move toward your goals. 

To learn more about ACE’s iLearn Innovation Institute for yourself, your students, or your employees, contact us today.

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