Specifications for liquid applied silicon coating used in roofing

ASTM D6694

ASTM D6694

ASTM D6694 evaluates the material and liquid properties of silicone roof coatings.

Test Details

ASTM D6694 is specifically designed for liquid-applied, solvent-dispersed silicone roof coatings whose principal polymer is composed of more than 95% silicone. The standard includes a variety of physical properties tests, including tensile strength, elongation, permeance, adhesion, and tear resistance, as well as environmental resistance tests, such as accelerated weathering and low-temperature flexibility.

Liquid property data of roofing membrane samples must be captured before and after testing is conducted. This data is used to quantify and benchmark how the sample’s viscosity, volume solids, and weight solids are affected by each test. This data may be used to assess product performance and production formulation.

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