Specifications for liquid applied acrylic coating used in roofing

ASTM D6083

ASTM D6083

ASTM D6083 is designed to assess the quality of all-acrylic roof coatings.

Test Details

The purpose of ASTM D6083 is to provide an objective baseline to measure the quality of acrylic roof coatings. Key tests included in the standard are elongation, technical strength, and adhesion testing. These mechanical property tests can assess the acrylic roof coating’s viscosity and ability to tolerate movement. This dimensional stability is what sets coatings apart from standard exterior paints.

ASTM D6083 also includes accelerated weathering testing to predict how the coating will respond to prolonged exposure to sun, rain, and the elements. After one thousand hours in a weathering chamber, samples are examined for signs of degradation, cracking, and erosion. Coatings are also tested for tear resistance, permeance, water swelling, and fungi resistance.

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