Solar reflectance near ambient temperature using a portable solar reflectometer

ASTM C1549

ASTM C1549

The purpose of ASTM C1549 is to quantify the solar reflectance of flat, opaque materials at or near ambient temperatures.

Test Details

ASTM C1549 can be used to assess a variety of flat, opaque materials that are exposed to solar radiation while in service. The construction industry, especially, relies on ASTM C1549 to assess the solar reflectance of roofing materials.

A commercial portable solar reflectometer is used to gather objective data on temperature and heat flow. That data is used to assess how much heat is reflected away from the roofing material versus absorbed into the material and conducted into the building or structure. In roofing applications, this data may be used to assess the energy efficiency of roofing materials based on their ability to deflect heat.

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