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What is Polymer Testing?

Polymer testing includes a number of testing standards that can be used for research and development, quality control, and problem-solving. ACE Laboratories offers both physical and analytical testing in our ISO/IEC-accredited polymer testing lab.

ACE’s experienced team provides high-quality analysis and polymer testing that helps take your rubber and polymer products to the next level. ACE ensures repeatable results and guarantees integrity in both our services and our relationships.

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To understand polymer testing, it is important to understand what polymers themselves are. Polymers are substances made up of similar units bonded together at the molecular level. Types of polymers include natural rubber, polyester, silicone, polystyrene, and PVC.

Polymer and rubber testing can be physical or analytical, depending on the goals of testing and the polymer material being tested. Physical testing for polymers investigates and determines characteristics or mechanical properties of a polymer material through experimentation. Analytical testing uses polymer testing instruments and test methods to identify the chemical makeup of a polymer sample.

What industries use polymer testing laboratories?

At ACE, we provide expert services to a broad selection of industries, including aerospace, automotive, construction, energy, consumer goods, industrial goods, tire, and wire and cable. Within these industries, ACE assures quality testing and analysis for the following products and services:

  • Aerospace: o-rings, gaskets, and window seals
  • Automotive: radiator hoses, spark plug housing, dampening gaskets, silicone for weather stripping around doors, windshield frames, and exhaust accessories
  • Construction: silica dispersion and processing, green raw materials, and alternative polymer sources
  • Energy: safety, compliance, quality, and functionality testing and certification of compounds
  • Consumer Goods: raw materials testing, custom compound creation
  • Industrial Goods: raw materials testing, custom compound creation
  • Tire: silica dispersion and processing, weather chamber rubber testing, tensile strength testing, extreme temperature and humidity testing
  • Wire and Cable: cord jackets, wire and cable flammability, general physical properties

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What does polymer testing entail?

During polymer testing, you will provide raw material samples or finished products, depending on the test methods being used. ACE then uses state-of-the-art testing equipment that allows our experts to carry out standardized test methods.

From there, you will receive a detailed polymer testing analysis of the material’s properties and characteristics relevant to your goals. You also have the option to consult with our experts about the next step in your research and development process based on these results.

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What can I expect as an end result of polymer testing?

ACE’s polymer testing services are specially tailored to the needs of your product, your industry, and your goals. In the end, you will further understand your polymer product, meet important industry standards and requirements, and strategically enhance your product through expert research and development.

When should I look to test my polymer product?

Analytical and mechanical testing of polymers is an important part in ongoing product development. A developer may choose to go through polymer testing at any point in this process–whether the product has not yet hit the market or has been available to consumers for years.

Progress doesn’t have to stop. ACE is dedicated to continuing improvement for our clients. Understanding and enhancing your products is important for the end consumer, manufacturer, suppliers, and product developers alike.

By testing your polymer material, you gain knowledge that you can use to meet industry standards and requirements, bring a new product to market, or research the next great innovation in your industry.

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ACE’s experts can help determine the most appropriate and efficient course of polymer testing for your product, and consult on the results of that testing. With over a decade of experience in the polymer industry, ACE provides a wide range of testing and consulting services and relationships you can rely on.

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