Dynamic Testing for Elastomers

Dynamic characterization testing allows manufacturers to predict how elastomer materials will respond to linear and rotational forces in the field, such as tension, compression, shear, and bending. Dynamic characterization data can be leveraged to optimize performance and durability of materials and components and for quality assurance purposes.

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Dynamic characterization testing is often performed at high frequency to simulate vibrational forces. This is especially valuable for engine, transmission, and damper top mounts, bushings, and other vibration damping components that are subjected to intense vibration while in service.

ACE Laboratories has invested in an MTS 831 Uniaxial Elastomer Test System.

The MTS 831 is designed for medium to high frequency, with acceleration compensation built directly into the force measurement system. The MTS 831 can run temperature sweeps, frequency sweeps, and strain sweeps. The system also has a climate-controlled chamber for temperature testing that correlates with the material or product’s intended service environment.

The MTS 831 can accommodate both material samples and whole components, such as bushings and mounts, for testing. This gives manufacturers the flexibility to conduct testing at multiple stages throughout the development and production process, so opportunities for improvement can be identified and addressed efficiently.

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