Cut & Chip Testing

Cut and chip testing is a reliable method for assessing the resistance of rubber materials, such as tire treads, to aggressive abrasion. Repeat impacts are introduced to a rounded rubber specimen at a determined interval, force, and duration in a controlled chamber, and the specimen is later examined for wear and damage.

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Deeper Insight Cut & Chip Testing

Cutting and chipping refers to damage sustained by rubber materials, such as tire treads, as a result of rolling, sliding, or other prolonged contact with a rough, hard surface. Cut and chip resistance is especially important for off-road tires traveling across rock and stone, but it can present a challenge in a wide variety of applications and environments. Localized cutting and chipping damage can dramatically reduce the lifespan of a tire or other rubber product.

Cut & Chip Testing from ACE

ACE Laboratories has expanded our standard cut and chip testing capabilities by adding an instrumented cut and chip analyzer (ICCA) at our rubber testing lab in Ravenna, Ohio. The ICCA offers several improvements over the original Goodrich cut and chip testers first introduced in 1979.

The ICCA allows for full control and accurate measurement of key testing parameters, including:

Wheel Revolution Speed

Overall impact period

Peak impact force

contact duration of impact

With the ICCA:

ACE can collect data on force, displacement, abrasion depth, and more.

Our experts can also correlate laboratory cut and chip test data to field test data, so you can quantify what’s happening in the field and gain deeper, more practical insight into your product.