ACE Laboratories Launches iLearn Innovation Institute

by Nov 6, 2018Events

ACE Laboratories, an accredited, independent testing and R&D laboratory, recently launched iLearn Innovation Institute – an ACE initiative designed to further the education and development of technical employees, aspiring technical students, and companies looking to expand their training capabilities. The Institute, housed in the newly expanded ACE facilities at its Ravenna, OH location, features a spacious, modern footprint with a state-of-the-art classroom area, a hands-on laboratory space where students can apply classroom learning in a working lab and a custom manufacturing-equipment space for employers in need of training employees on their own equipment.  Erick Sharp, president and CEO made the announcement.

The iLearn Innovation Institute offers a wide range of technical training and education. Curriculum modules are designed at various learning levels to meet a wide range of student needs. From students in 6-12 grade levels to college and technical school students to technical employees looking to enhance their position or those looking to change careers altogether, iLearn provides tailored solutions for each.

Another unique aspect of the program includes space where manufacturer’s, who do not have space or professional trainers at their own facility, can set-up specialized equipment at ACE for intensive employee training.

“Not all manufacturers have the ability or the space to provide needed training,” said Sharp. “Whether their issue is simply a matter of space, or a need to focus on critical path areas for improvement, or general and new employee training, or something else altogether, we can now offer an attractive alternative to the training dilemma for manufacturers.”

ACE Laboratories is planning to bring in a top industry individual who is highly qualified to oversee and implement the iLearn Innovation Institute curriculum and all aspects of the program.

“We have hired a top-level industry professional for our team who has an extensive background in training and education.” said Sharp. “Our desire is to inspire students by providing opportunities to learn, grow, and discover new ways of solving old problems.”

In addition to providing training and personal growth and career development, the program also features sponsor opportunities for manufacturers who wish to become top-of-mind to aspiring technical workers. Various levels of sponsor opportunities are available for interested manufacturers. For those interested, or to learn more, call the company at 330-577-4088

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