ACE Laboratories has record year

by Feb 18, 2021News

In a year turned on its head by a global pandemic and economic recession, ACE Laboratories had a year of record growth. ACE is an industry leading ISO /IEC 17025 accredited laboratory that provides testing and developmental services to the rubber and silicone industries. Founded in 2015 by President & CEO, Erick Sharp, ACE moved into its current Ravenna, Ohio location in January of 2018. Since building out its new laboratory, ACE has been on a rapid growth track that has continued through 2020 with record revenues.

ACE made it through the pandemic-filled year without any staffing, work hour, pay, or benefit reductions.

“We are thankful we could take care of our staff during this crazy year,” said Sharp.

ACE, deemed an essential business, stayed operational throughout the Ohio shut-down period as many of its clients are in the medical, pharmaceutical, and other critical industries – all deemed essential by Governor Mike DeWine.

In August ACE acquired GEO Analytical, who provided analytical services to the environmental and pharmaceutical industries for over 20 years. This acquisition allowed ACE to expand its analytical testing capabilities and provide some diversification into other industries. The GEO operation was relocated to ACE’s facility and included several GC (gas chromatograph) and GC-MS (GC with mass spectrometry) units and an ICP (inductive couple plasma). The added capabilities allow ACE to expand upon the regulatory testing it provides to the polymer industry. This includes nitrosamine, phthalate, and trace metal analysis for customers looking to comply with RoHS and California Proposition 65.

“The added capabilities also greatly enhance our reverse engineering services,” Frank Pappas, Director of Sales & Business Development, said.

Shortly after the acquisition of GEO, ACE added another ICP-OES to keep up with customer demand.

In October ACE upgraded its rheology laboratory to new Alpha Technologies Premierinstruments. The new instruments and Enterprise software allow for scalable growth.

“It is exciting to be working with the industry leaders in rheological technology,” said Sharp.

During the virtual Rubber Division, ACS International Elastomer Conference, ACE announced the appointment of Rubber Heart as its international marketing and sales partner. This expands ACE’s global reach throughout Europe and into Asia. As a result, ACE ended the year with record-setting sales in Europe.

ACE is ending the year with a bang as December became the highest revenue month in the history of the company. Sharp expressed appreciation for what ACE was able to accomplish in 2020.

“We are blessed to have found success and growth in 2020. This year we were able to set new records, successfully complete an acquisition, and increase our capabilities by over 50%. I am extremely thankful to all our customers that have trusted in us. I am equally thankful for our tremendous team and the way they rose to the occasion this year. I am excited to see what 2021 brings.”

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