(Ravenna, Ohio) – ACE Laboratories is proud to announce an agreement to purchase the CubeOne Robot as an addition to its laboratory capabilities. The CubeOne featured at the recent International Elastomer Conference is a limited-production tensile strength testing robot from Kitchener, Ontario-based LabsCubed, Inc.

“The CubeOne allows operators to test up to 12 samples at a time,” explained Erick Sharp, President, and CEO at ACE Laboratories. “Additionally, users are able to store test data on the cloud, access results securely from any device, and see recorded video that is saved for each test.”

A robot automatically loads and unloads samples with smart grips that ensure accurate and consistent testing.

Sharp explained that customers will benefit from the consistency and capacity the Cube One provides ACE with. The CubeOne robot will be available at the ACE facility in Ravenna by Mid-December 2019.

About ACE Laboratories

ACE Laboratories is a leader in the rubber and silicone industries.  Located in Northeast Ohio – the rubber capital of the world – ACE operates a world-class, ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited independent laboratory that provides laboratory testing, technical services, R&D, product development services, education and training through its iLearn Innovation Institute.  ACE also provides consulting expertise and services for new product launches, process improvements, supply sourcing, and on-site technical support.  In addition to recognition as an accredited laboratory by ANAB – ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board, ACE holds membership in ARPM – Association for Rubber Products Manufacturers, ACS – the American Chemical Society, Rubber Division and ASTM International. For more information about ACE call 330-577-4088 or visit the company’s website at www.aceprodcon.com.