ACE Laboratories Hires Wendy Naugle as Administrative Manager

by Aug 22, 2018News

Ravenna OH, March 28, 2018 – ACE Laboratories is pleased to announce the addition of Wendy Naugle as administrative manager for the ACE team. Ms. Naugle will oversee and manage key administrative functions within the company including accounting, customer service and document control. She will also serve as an internal liaison with external contractors and firms and will assist with marketing and internal sales. Erick Sharp, president and CEO of ACE Laboratories, made the announcement.

“Having seen Wendy’s integrity and work ethic while at P3,” said Erick Sharp, “I knew I wanted her to lead our administrative team one day. I am happy that day has come. Her rounded skills and versatility are essential to a growing company like ACE.”

Naugle reflected on her role at ACE.

“I help the lab in any way they need. Some of those include keeping and updating paperwork/procedures, ordering supplies, setting up freight, helping customers who call with questions and whatever is needed. As office administrative manager, I serve a team of people, both internal and external. We strive for excellence in everything we do and provide the timeliest, most accurate results possible,” said Wendy.

She went on to note that she enjoys working with people and catching up with former colleagues. Ms. Naugle is committed to ensuring that customers and fellow co-workers can consistently count on her to meet their needs and bring exceptional service to customers. She embraces continuous improvement as a way of finding new ways to bring unmatched excellence to her work.

Wendy has 23 years of experience in the field of administration. She previously worked for Portage Precision Polymers for eleven years and comes to ACE from Hunter’s Manufacturing. She currently resides in Akron, OH.

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