(August 9, 2022, Ravenna, OH) – ACE Laboratories, a longstanding rubber, silicone and latex testing facility, has expanded into servicing the construction materials industry with new dedicated laboratory services. From polymer roofing materials and below grade coatings to asphalt and crack-sealing solutions, these new capabilities add to the foundation of ACE Labs’ broad service capabilities.

ACE now serves as one of just six Accredited Independent Testing Laboratories (AITL) for the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) and is one of only three accredited for the new wall rating program. With six CRRC accredited technicians, ACE has the capacity to provide the industry’s most responsive lead time. The CRRC administers methods for evaluating roofing and exterior wall products related to radiative performance, specifically solar reflectance and thermal emittance. CRRC currently rates more than 3,000 roofing products.

The Benefit to Manufacturers
“Manufacturers of roofing products who value sustainability and energy efficiency in their products look for the CRRC ratings,” stated Eric Sharp, founder and CEO of ACE Laboratories. “Our testing reveals how products can improve building performance, increase comfort and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

In addition, ACE testing capabilities will allow manufacturers of roofing materials to know how well their products perform in various climates across North America. This enables product developers to build roofing materials designed to meet the needs of specific regions and weather conditions.

Specific Accreditations

To serve a wide variety of construction manufacturing needs, ACE Laboratories is now accredited by the CRRC to perform these tests:

  • ASTM D6083 – Specifications for liquid applied acrylic coating used in roofing.
  • ASTM D6694 – Specifications for liquid applied silicon coating used in roofing.
  • ASTM C1549 – Solar reflectance near ambient temperature using a portable solar reflectometer.
  • ASTM C1371 – Standard test method for determination of emittance of materials near room temperature using portable emissometers
  • ASTM E1980 – Standard practice for calculating solar reflectance index of horizontal and low sloped opaque surfaces.

“The world of testing is static,” said Erick Sharp, President and CEO of Ace Laboratories. “It isn’t one and done. ACE has always continuously explored new ways to meet the testing needs of today’s – and tomorrow’s – marketplace. Here in the United States and around the globe.”

More about ACE Laboratories

ACE Laboratories is a leader in rubber and silicone laboratory testing and development. Located in Northeast Ohio – the rubber capital of the world – ACE operates a world-class, ISO/IEC 17025 accredited independent laboratory that provides laboratory testing, technical services, R&D, product development services, and training. For more information about ACE call 330-577-4088 or visit the company’s website at www.ace-laboratories.com


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