Standard test methods for Sealants and Fillers, Hot-Applied, for Joints and Cracks in Asphalt Pavements and Portland Cement Concrete Pavements

ASTM D5329


ASTM D5329 is a test standard designed to measure the properties of hot-applied sealants and fillers.

Test Details

ASTM D5329 details a variety of tests to assess the quality and performance of sealants and fillers applied to cracks and joints in asphalt pavement surfaces and concrete pavers. Test procedures include bond, core penetration, and flow assessments, as well as asphalt compatibility, tensile adhesion, and resilience. ASTM D5329 also covers a variety of environmental resistance tests, such as oven aging and artificial weathering.

ASTM D5329 is appropriate for materials that may be exposed to fuel, such as concrete flooring at a refueling station or maintenance facility.

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